CT Scan

  • 15 mins - 1 hour procedure
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Most patients are able to drive home
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Everything to know about CT scan

How CT scans work

A computed tomography (CT) scanner uses X-rays to create multi-dimensional images of a specific area which help to diagnose medical conditions. In some cases, contrast media (dye) may be injected to provide further detail. You'll lie on a table which moves inside the scanner to obtain images.

A CT scan can be used to examine most parts of the body, including:

  • Internal organs
  • Blood vessels
  • Bones and joints

What to expect

A CT scan is a relatively low-risk procedure as it is non-invasive.

When you arrive, you may be asked to fill out a form asking questions about your medical history, including any allergies. Depending on the type of CT scan, you may need to change into a gown and have a cannula inserted for an injection of contrast.

It's very important to lie comfortably on the CT table - any movement will make the images less clear. Sometimes you'll need to hold your breath for a brief period (less than 20 seconds).

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The day of the CT

The day before
Drink plenty of fluids so you're well hydrated
Arrive 15 mins before appointment to fill in paperwork
Prior to scan
A down & cannuila might be required
The CT scan
15 mins - 1 hour procedure
After scan
Final appointment with reception and time to go home