• 20 minute procedure
  • Wear a two piece outfit
  • No deodorant, talcum or body lotion
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Everything you need to know about Mammography

How Mammograms work

Mammography with Tomosynthesis produces a detailed 3D view of your breast tissue from different angles. Both breasts are compared in the scan.

Why am I having a Mammogram?

  • Your doctor has referred you
  • Detects early breasdt cancer effectively
  • Detects cancers before symptoms appear

What to expect

A 20-minute exam performed by a female specialist radiographer, called a mammographer.

On arrival you will be asked to complete a form and provide your medical history. In the mammography room, a mammographer will explain the exam. You'll be asked to remove all your clothing from the waist up. Your breast will be placed onto a base plate on the X-ray machine and some compression will be applied. This may be uncomfortable but not painful.

When you're done, the images are checked by the radiologist.

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The day of the Mammography

Morning of the scan
Do not use deodorant, talcum or body lotions
Dressing prior
Wear a blouse or a T-shirt
10 mins prior
Arrive at clinic
Approximately 20 mins
The scan
Straight after
Time to go home