Interventional Procedures

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Performed by radiologists
  • Wide range of imaging techniques
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Everything to know about Interventional Procedures

How Interventional Procedures work

"Interventional Procedures" refer to a range of minimally invasive specialty procedures, from simple corticosteroid injections to minor surgical procedures. Your procedure may involve common imaging methods such as Fluoroscopy (real time x-rays), CT, Ultrasound or Nuclear Medicine. You'll be advised of the exact process when you make your booking.

Interventional Procedures can be performed on most parts of the body, including:

  • Spine
  • Chest and abdomen
  • Internal organs
  • Muscles and tendons

Patient information

Radiologists are specialists; therefore the Interventional Procedures that they perform may vary per location. You can find below the type of specialisation available by type of centre/location.

Only Lumus Imaging centres co-located in a hospital can give Conscious Sedation. If you need it, please discuss this with your referring doctor so they can organise it with our Lumus Imaging team.

What to expect

Interventional Procedures are image-guided procedures performed by an experienced radiologist.

The radiologist will use an imaging method such as X-ray/fluoroscopy, ultrasound or CT, depending on your procedure. This way, the radiologist is able to perform the procedure under the safest conditions, able to clearly visualise every move, ensuring the least amount of discomfort for you, the patient.

Many procedures are minor and quick to perform. In all cases, our staff will explain the procedure to ensure that you, our patient, are well-informed and comfortable.

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The day of the procedure

The night before
Good night's sleep
6 hrs prior
Eat & drink as normal (unless told otherwise)
30 min prior
Arrive early with referral
30 mins - 3 hrs determined prior
The procedure
After scan
Discharge dependent on person