Enabling better diagnostics, treatment and outcomes

  • Connecting you to your patients in real-time, improved quality control, faster report turnaround times.
  • Clarity that provides you all the details for greater visibility into your patient.
  • A suite of tools to help manage your patient's care.
  • Patient centric coordinated care and collaboration among a wide array of care providers.

InteleViewer - Lumus Imaging Access Instructions

Once you have downloaded and installed the InteleViewer desktop application, please follow the instructions below to add Lumus Imaging.

When installing the application, we recommend following the default setup option:

  1. Open InteleViewer and click "Edit Bookmarks"
  2. Then click "Add"
  3. Enter the QDI server URL: https://pacs.lumusimaging.com.au
  4. Tick "custom server name" and enter: "LI - Lumus Imaging"
  5. Click "Ok" and you're done!

IT Support

Lumus Imaging has a team of skilled and dedicated IT staff. You can get in touch with us by either of the following methods:

via Phone: 1300 411 351

We also provide remote support through our Remote Support software as well as Inteleviewer (Version: 4-12-1) and Iris Referrer for both PC and MAC. You can download these applications.

Download & Install InteleViewer Desktop Application

You can also download and install InteleViewer on your local desktop computer to access patient information.

To download InteleViewer, use the links below

Download & Install iRIS Referrer Desktop Application

To download iRis Referrer, use the links below