• 30 mins procedure
  • No prep required
  • Wear comfortable clothing
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Everything you need to know about DEXA/BMD

How DEXA/BMD scans work

Bone mineral densitometry (BMD) scans use a small dose of radiation to measure the density of bones. During the scan, patients lie on their back on a wide, flat bed. A camera arm will pass over the top of them taking a series of images.

DEXA/BMD can be used to diagnose or assess:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Fracture risk
  • Body composition
  • Treatment response

What to expect

A DEXA/BMD scan is quick and non-invasive.

Upon arrival, you may be asked to change into a gown. You'll be taken into the BMD scanner room and asked to lie flat on the scanning bed.

A scan is routinely performed of your hips, lower spine, and sometimes your forearm. Each area takes approximately 5 minutes and you'll need to remain still during the scan.

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The day of the procedure

The night before
Good night's sleep
1hr prior
Wear comfortable clothing
15 mins prior
Arrive at clinic
Approximately 30 mins
The BMD scan
30 mins after
Time to go home