Dental X-Ray (OPG)

  • 5 minute procedure
  • Remove metal objects from head/neck
  • Includes jewellery, glasses etc
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Everything to know about Dental X-rays (OPG)

Types of examination

An orthopantomogram (OPG) uses X-rays to produce a panoramic frontal wide view of the mouth and teeth.

A lateral cephalogram is a radiograph of the skull which also uses X-rays, however the resultant image is a side-on view.

A dental examination is used to assess:

  • Tooth or gum disease
  • Maxilla
  • Mandible joints

What to expect

While there is no special preparation for an OPG, you may be asked to remove any metal objects from around your head or neck.

The radiographer will ask you to sit on a chair/stool or stand for the OPG. It is important that you tell the staff if you have difficulty sitting or standing unassisted. When you are placed in the correct position, the radiographer will go behind a screen to start the OPG machine. They will ask you to be very still during the OPG whilst the machine moves around your head taking the picture.

When your OPG is finished you will be asked to wait while the radiographer checks the images. The procedure usually takes about 5 minutes.

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