Registered Assistance Animals

Do Lumus Imaging centres support the public access rights of assistance animals?

Yes. In accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Lumus Imaging supports the public access rights of assistance animals, and we welcome registered assistance animals into our centres.

Will my assistance animal be allowed to remain with me during my examination or procedure?

Lumus Imaging acknowledges that assistance animals perform essential skilled tasks for their handlers. Whether your assistance animal will be able to remain in the room during your examination/procedure will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. There are circumstances where assistance animals may not be allowed in the examination or procedure room due to safety or infection control reasons. If you have concerns regarding whether your assistance animal will be able to remain with you in the examination or procedure room, please call the Lumus Imaging centre prior to your appointment.

One of our team will have a collaborative discussion with you about the details of your procedure/examination, and the potential options for your assistance animal. To facilitate this discussion, please indicate to our staff the nature of the support your assistance animal provides (e.g., for sight, for epilepsy or for mental health etc.) as this may assist in developing a mutually agreeable plan.

What do I need to do on the day of the examination/procedure?

We request that you bring identification showing your assistance animal is qualified, accredited and is serving with you. Our staff may request to see this identification in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

What can I expect on the day of the examination/procedure?

The staff will discuss your examination/procedure with you and with your input, formulate a plan (unless you have already organised one with our staff prior) which will include where your assistance animal will be located during the examination/procedure. Staff will always attempt to develop a plan which takes your preferences into account, but please keep in mind there are circumstances where your assistance animal may not be able to be present in the examination/procedure room.

Are there any risks to my assistance animal?

If your assistance animal remains in the room with you during a medical imaging or nuclear medicine examination/procedure which utilises ionising radiation, there is a risk they will be exposed to scattered radiation. The risk varies depending on the examination/procedure. Staff are trained to minimise this risk by using techniques such as placing your assistance animal in a specific location in the room or using protective screens.

Please discuss any concerns with staff and they can make recommendations accordingly.

I still have questions; who can I ask?

Please do not hesitate to call one of our Lumus Imaging centres should you have any concerns. At Lumus Imaging, we are committed to providing a kind, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for our patients and their devoted assistance animals.

Oct 2023